Grail Source Access

Grail runs on most Unix systems, on Windows NT and 95, and on Macintosh systems, provided you have enough memory and a fast enough machine. (For Windows, 32 Meg RAM and 90 MHz Pentium is a reasonable minimal configuration. For Macintosh, a 40 MHz 68k or any PPC, with 24 Meg RAM, is acceptable.)

For Windows and Macintosh, see the following pages.

The download is a gzipped tar file with an extension of ".tgz", of approximately 336 Kbytes in size. The same file must be downloaded for all platforms. On Windows, WinZip 6.1 or later can decompress the file.

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the archive, read the file README for further installation and usage instructions.

The link below leads to the Grail source license. Read it carefully. Fill out your name and address (both email and street address are required; affiliation, title and fax are optional) in the form at the bottom of the source license, and click on the Agree button (if you agree!).

Grail source license