News For Previous Grail Releases

New Features in Grail 0.3

Many bugs present in previous versions have been fixed. (See also the list of Grail 0.2 bugs fixed.)


New in Grail 0.3 (final)

New in Grail 0.3b3

New in Grail 0.3b2


Major HTML Features

User Interface



Advanced HTML

Many of the features added are defined in some form in the expired HTML 3.0 internet draft. While we recognize that the draft is no longer considered a significant document and is not on a standards track, it has proved a valuable source of direction for many extensions to HTML 2.0. Hence, it has been used as an advisory document during the development of Grail's HTML support. A detailed description of Grail's HTML support is available.


There have been many mprovements in the SGML capabilities underlying the HTML support. These affect the HTML handling provided with Grail and any extensions built on the SGML layer. These changes are mostly of interest to extension authors.

The list of features new in Grail 0.2 is still available.