Grail Mailing List

Note: The Grail project has been closed. The public mailing list is still operational, but the Grail developers are likely to be pretty quiet on it these days.

There is a mailing list for Grail users and developers.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

The Grail mailing list is managed by MailMan on the website. The web page allows you to subscribe, unsubscribe, change your subscription options, and see who else is subscribed.

Sending messages to the list

To send a message to everybody on the list, send email to


The Grail mailing list is archived in two places:

Reaching the Grail Development Team

We warned you at the top of the page that the project is closed, but if you insist on reaching the developers, you can use the public list described above and hope at least one of us is still subscribed.

Send bug reports to the public mailing list, so others can beware of the bug you've found. Before reporting a bug, please check whether it's already been reported -- see the list of known bugs!