Comparison to HotJava

[This document needs to be updated.]

The similarities between Grail and Sun's HotJava browser are obvious:

This is intentional. It is our belief that the world can cope with multiple competing browser extension languages. Comparison of the two systems is not served by using arbitrarily different terminology. Using a suitable server set-up, it is even possible to create HTML pages that are enhanced by either Java or Python applets depending on which browser is used.

There also clear differences:

At a more tangible level, the development cycles for Python and Java programs are quite different: For example, it's quite doable to write a spreadsheet in Python which invokes the Python interpreter's parse to parse and evaluate the expressions entered by the user in its cells. In Python, since the parser is a permanent part of the run-time environment, this is trivial, using the built-in function eval(). In Java, the parser is an external program, and one would have to run it as a sub-process, and it is likely that most users don't have access to it at all, just like most PC and Mac users don't have access to a C compiler.