(See also common preferences panel help.)

Printing Preferences Help

The print facility in Grail allows you to send the current page as viewed to be formatted in postscript and spooled to a postscript printer by a line printer spooler utility (typically lpr(1) ) or printed directly to a file. With the notable exception of tables, printing in Grail is WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).

Printing for the current page is accomplished by selecting the Print... selection in the File menu. A print dialog box appears containing controls that let you modify the default printing characteristics that are established via preferences. Modifying these controls does not affect preferences. Rather, these are a per-print set of options. Any edits made in the printing panel will remembered on subsequent prints for the current grail session except if printing preferences are saved from the printing preferences dialog (see below). Specifics of the individual options are discussed below.

Specifying Printing Preferences

Printing preferences can be modified by selecting the Printing command under the Preferences menu. This creates a Printing Preferences dialog box that allows you to enter your default print settings.

For more elaborate control over printing, refer to Advanced Printing Configuration.