Grail Preference Panels Help

Grail preference panels provide control over many Grail behaviors, including things from default browser geometry to cache persistence and applet authorizations. The help for the various standard panels is linked below. The different panels share some common control buttons:

Commit any changes in the users preferences file, and dismiss the panel. Always active, even when there are no changes to be saved. The OK action is also bound to carriage-return.
Save changes but leave panel open. Active only when there are pending changes.
Dismiss the panel, abandoning any changed settings. The Cancel action is also bound to Control-W.
Resurrect last saved settings, leaving panel open. Active only when there are settings changes pending save.
Factory Defaults
Change all settings to the site-wide system defaults. The panel is left open, and the factory settings are not committed. Active whenever the settings are different than the site defaults.
Visit the preference-panel help document in a Grail browser.
Note that the control buttons activation status reveals when changes are pending save.