(See also common preferences panel help.)

The General Grail Preferences Panel

This preferences panel contains miscellaneous settings relating to the browser, startup, and other behaviors that don't fit in specific preference categories.

Home page
User's custom home page - the Grail home page is used if no custom page is specified.
Initial page
Should an initial page be visited in the first browser when Grail is started?
Browser geometry
Default height and width for new browsers when they open.
Max. connections
The maximum number of HTTP connections opened at a time
Image loading
Should inline images be loaded?
Link information
Should titles of link targets be shown, if known?
Advanced SGML recognition
Should advanced SGML be supported?
Smooth scrolling
Should new browsers be opened with a hack to enable smooth scrolling, eg so the entirety of images larger than the browser are viewable? (Smooth scrolling imposes an artificial page size limit, so it should be used with discretion. Scrolling to a fragment identified by the <A NAME="id"> ... </A> construct is also broken by smooth scrolling.)
Distributed objects - Enable ILU main loop
If enabled and the ILU interface is available, Grail will use an ILU-compatible main loop. This allows applets to act as both ILU clients and servers, and should not be enabled unless you are confident in your firewall!
View History Items By
Items in the history window can be viewed either by titles or by URLs.