Help for the Bookmarks Preferences Panel

This preferences panel allows you to configure how the bookmarks menu and dialog panel operates. The Bookmarks menu is on all browser windows and allows you to add the current page to your bookmarks file, pop up the bookmarks dialog panel, and also can provide a shortcut to following your bookmarks.

Bookmark Headers
In the listbox containing your bookmarks, if the selected line is not a header, then normally collapsing that line does nothing. When Collapse Aggressively is enabled, collapsing a non-header line actually collapses it's parent header.
Add Current Page
Controls where new pages are added to your bookmarks file. New pages can be added either to the beginning or end of your bookmarks, at the top level. By choosing As Selection's Child or Sibling, they can also be added relative to the currently selected line. If the selected line is a header, the page will be added as a child of that header. If the selected line is not a header, it will be added as a sibling of the line. The "Details" dialog for a new entry can be opened automatically as well; this is useful if you want a reminder to entry a useful comment about why you bookmarked the page to begin with.
Bookmarks Dialog
The number of buttons at the bottom of the bookmarks dialog can be reduced for expert users.
Browser's Pulldown Menu
Controls whether your bookmarks entries are added to the browser's Bookmarks pulldown menu. Users who have a very large or flat bookmarks file may want to disable this preference.