Daleks Game

This is an implementation of the classic Daleks game. You, the player (represented by an icon of a head with a question mark) are being pursued by a number of Daleks of Doctor Who fame (represented by hourglass icons). Daleks are deadly but not-too-clever robots.

See also the source and a bigger version of the game.


Each move of the game has the same pattern: you can move one step in any direction to a clear field by clicking in that direction, or stay where you are by clicking there. Then the Daleks all move one step in your direction. If a Dalek ends up on your square, you die, and the game begins afresh. However, if you're clever, you can get two Daleks to bump into each other, at which point they both turn into a dustpile (an 'i' icon). You win if there are no Daleks left.

When you win, the next level is started, with more daleks. When you die, the game restarts at level 1. (Eventually, I'll implement a global high score list.)

Two additional controls make the game more interesting.

Scoring: you gain ten points for each killed Dalek, twenty for Daleks killed with a screwdriver. We maintain a world-wide list of high scores.